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Outbid... drat!

In the "it" toast auction (see toast image below), I have been outbid. My $1.01 maximum bid has been trumped by some rich swine who has bid a wopping $1.60!

Happy Hallowe'en!


Scar a Child for Life!

With this handy tool, you can put some child's potty traing off for at least a year with the Toilet Monster! Look here for more details.


"It" Happens!

Miraculous toast is found..

Steaming Pile of "It"

My Corporate Master, eBay gave us all pink, fuzzy "it"s. This ties into their current advertising campaign, which I think is rather lame, but I also hope is wildly successful (high stock price... good). Here an art piece that this inspired:


Current Leader for Costume I'm Least Likely to Wear this Hallowe'en

Other than, say, guys that live in West Hollywood and the Castro District... who would possible wear this one? I can believe that there will be a lot more Hallowe'en revelers dressed as Officer Naughty... by a factor of ten or a hundred. And, no, I don't say that because I want to meet Officer Naughty. OK, fine, not just because I want to meet Officer Naughty... that's the way things are.


Disclaimer I want to see.

I would really like some movie to display the following message wile rolling credits:
No more than five animals were hurt in the filming of this film.

Wouldn't that be cool?


Finally, I paid my taxes

My extensions finally ran out, so I filed. Hefty refunds from both Uncle Sam and, um, Uncle Ahnold... I'm expecting a "Thank You" note for the 10 month interest-free loan I gave them. Only 3 months 'till I can file again! Wooooo!


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Caption Contest

Please give your suggestions.


Marketing 101

In American English, the costume is the "Tacky Tourist" ... in French, it's .. "American Tourist". The obvious, immediate reaction : "Gurr, Arg typical French, Grumble... pass the Freedom Fries." But the secondary one... did the manufactuer assume that Americans are too stupid to notice... or that we have a good enough sense of humor to take it in stride?

A side question... why do they seem so proud that it is "unisex"? And why doesn't it say "unisex" in French if they think it's such a big deal?

... and speaking of cheap crap... this one may or may not have the amusing nasty label, but what the heck are those supposed to be? Tourists from old Soviet propaganda posters? On the other hand, it's inflatable and comes with it's own fan... could be the right combo of fun and obnoxiousness...


The Catholic Images of Pavel Chichikov

Click on the image to view.


From now on...

... when I hear someone say that they are "spiritual but not religious", I'll think of this sign, which I spotted in the local Barnes & Noble.