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Marketing 101

In American English, the costume is the "Tacky Tourist" ... in French, it's .. "American Tourist". The obvious, immediate reaction : "Gurr, Arg typical French, Grumble... pass the Freedom Fries." But the secondary one... did the manufactuer assume that Americans are too stupid to notice... or that we have a good enough sense of humor to take it in stride?

A side question... why do they seem so proud that it is "unisex"? And why doesn't it say "unisex" in French if they think it's such a big deal?

... and speaking of cheap crap... this one may or may not have the amusing nasty label, but what the heck are those supposed to be? Tourists from old Soviet propaganda posters? On the other hand, it's inflatable and comes with it's own fan... could be the right combo of fun and obnoxiousness...


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