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It's a Hollywood thing...

Ah, you know that you're in L.A. when you google a local parish and get a celebrity-spotting guide


Christmas Gift Suggestion #4

You know me? Of course you do! That's because I'm famous! Even before I was famous, I was still somebody! And I got respect! That why this is jus' the the thing for the kids. You got to always do stuff for the kids. Don' be talkin' no jibber-jabber 'bout havin' a Mr. T in your pocker or jus' bein' happy to see you.

Christmas Gift Suggestion #3

"World's Best Toilet Seat"
Heated Seat!
Not one, but two Heated Water Bidet Streams!!

Osama's Niece..

When it comes down to it, I like this artcle because of the dorky lead-in. She's not the model niece Osama bin Laden's looking for - but she is modelling. The art of corny writing is alive and well in Australia! And that's a Good Thing. Still, I wonder what the consiracy theorist types will make of this...?


Happy Electrocute a Cat Day

...from the folks at google.


Christmas Gift Suggestion #2

... a plush Egyptian god of the dead!

Happy... um.... Rodent Day

This is Google's "winter holiday image" for today...


Failure Googleboming? Moi?

Failed fail failure


Christmas Gift Suggestion #1

What could be better than the gift of Parasites? Cute little fellers, ain't they?