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Ohhh... *Sullustan*

Apparently, the "spelling bee" spelled it wrong.

Sullustan link


What the heck is a "sullouston" anyway?

Sullouston link


International Talk Like a Pirate Day Is Here!

Quick, last minute instruction to help!


My Inner Star Trek Geek Spotted Something Else...

How can one possibly decide which are better ... the fine sentiments at despair.com or these :

Apparently, they are for sale here, but the site seems to have run out of bandwidth! Beware the power of a million geeks! Star Trek Inspirational Posters, an idea whose time came a long time ago. What was the hold-up guys?

The "Jolly Momo" Pirate Flag

Just in time for International Talk Like a Pirate Day

Mohammed Pirate Flag
Too bad I don't really have anywhere to display this. (It's certainly not "HR friendly", so putting it next to my Jack Rackham flag at work is out.) BTW, Seven Bros Mechantile is a good place to look for discount pirate flags...


I must have this shirt.

The sad thing is Mom and Dad were in Vegas until the day before I saw this. O cruel fate, why do you mock me?


I'm listening to my Inner Geek tonight...

... and he says this is hillarious. What are the odds of one's Inner Child being Scottish?