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The Sopranos in Seven Minutes!

Jihad Cat of the Day

jihad cat of the day

Have a Big Astrological Thingie Named by YOU!

Check out this : you can name the giant hexagon on Saturn!

De Speigel on Antiamericanism in Germany

The key bit :
The German political establishment, which will no doubt loudly lament the result of the poll, is largely responsible for this wave of anti-Americanism. For years the country's foreign ministers fed the Germans the fairy tale of what they called a "critical dialogue" between Europe and Iran. It went something like this: If we are nice to the ayatollahs, cuddle up to them a bit and occasionally wag our fingers at them when they've been naughty, they'll stop condemning their women to death for "unchaste behavior" and they'll stop building the atom bomb.

That plan failed at some point -- an outcome, incidentally, that Washington had long anticipated. Iran continues to work away unhindered on its nuclear program, and President Mahmoud Ahmadinejad reacts to UN demands with an ostentatious show of ignorance. The UN gets upset and drafts a resolution.

The funny bit :
For us Germans, the Americans are either too fat or too obsessed with exercise, too prudish or too pornographic, too religious or too nihilistic. In terms of history and foreign policy, the Americans have either been too isolationist or too imperialistic. They simply go ahead and invade foreign countries (something we Germans, of course, would never do) and then abandon them, the way they did in Vietnam and will soon do in Iraq.

The whole thing : Evil Americans, Poor Mullahs


Chatting with Kurdish Commies

I stumbled on a cool article about some Communist Kurds. Enjoy!


Human Rights Watch, on UN Human Rights Council

The United Nations Human Rights Council chairman will have none of it when confronted with basic (and telling) facts. Gurr.

Punk Rock Verspers

Special for Lent. Don't worry, it's the Lutherans.

Al Gore!

(Artist : Sam Ryskind)


Cool! Jackie Mason has a videoblog!

(On Obama)

(On Hillary)


The 2007 PEEPSCelebrity Survey - Results are in!

peep poll 59% say the chicks are cooler than the bunnies.

"What are your favorite ways to enjoy PEEPS(R)?"

-- The winner is..."head first"
-- Our second runner up was enjoying PEEPS(R) as "decorations/crafts"
-- The third place winner was "Micro-waved."

For more exciting details, see the press release.


Another Cousin!

Coolest Cat

wednesday in a fez being evil
Wednesday, the Evil Cat

The Multi-National Force in Iraq has a YouTube Channel

Multi-National Force - Iraq established this YouTube channel to give viewers around the world a "boots on the ground" perspective of Operation Iraqi Freedom from those who are fighting it.

Video clips document action as it appeared to personnel on the ground and in the air as it was shot. We will only edit video clips for time, security reasons, and/or overly disturbing or offensive images.


(Most memorable use of "Freebird" in a film.)


Wow... *serious* online cousin sighting ...

Matt Hydar

My cousin Matt (Alcohol Beverage Control Investigator) talks on the news! A real TV story, right up there with "Avocado Lawsuit" and "Deadly Pet Food"! Cool...

Support the Troops...

... by burning them in effigy!

(Source : here)

Muslims don't use crosses, Idjits!

idjit jihad

(Dumb Guys, protesting over the weekend.)


Cranky Cat of the Day

lolcat get off my lawn

2008 : The Metrosexual Election?

“I want to wait and hear what John Edwards has to say, he’s kind of good-looking,” Obama envisioned Iowa caucus-goers from the small town of Clinton telling themselves. During an appearance in West Burlington, Iowa, the phrase appeared again, this time with Edwards as “kind of cute.”

Obama and Edwards engage in Metosexual warfare? There must be a better term.


My Homer Simpson Moment for the day....

Mmmmm.... bacon .... aaauuuuuuggggggggggglllllll....

I suspect Mohammed Cat might not approve, though.


UK Documentary on Global Warming

The Great Global Warming Swindle : an actual airing of scientists who contradict man-made climate change!


Infidel Cat of the Day

mohammed cat jihad mahomet
Mohammed Cat!


Another Cool Cat

Medieval tech support!


Cool Cat of the Day (well, you get the idea...)


Cool Cat of the Day (another different day, another different cat)


Cool Cat of the Day (different day, different cat)

dude  wait what kitten


Cool Cat of the Day

sup cat


Sign of the Apocalypse #18283137

Turducken flavor dog food.

Day the Earth Stood Still (in the Balance?)

Gore - Klaatu Barada Nikto