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The New Republic lurches left...

Here is a description for an article, found on the home page of TNR :
The Supreme Court's decision in the so-called partial-birth abortion case runs counter to nearly 50 years of tradition by reviving antique views of women and endorsing the new pseudoscience of the anti-choice movement.

Holy strident rhetoric, Batman!

So far the shift seems to have been mostly at the level of rhetoric, but it's a rabid sort of rhetoric. It seems like TNR is giving up on being a Sane Voice on the Liberal side of the political spectrum and chosen to try to appeal to the wild-dog fringe. Spooky.

Take the snip above ... the most extreme, shouty word is picked. Words are stripped of their meaning ... one example... the well-known fact that many women are emotionally and psychologically damaged by their abortions (known as "post-abortion syndrome") is simply dismissed as "pseudoscience". Apparently, women who report this are ... what ... faking? Delusional? Sounds vaguely like an "antique views of women" is being put forth in the TNR article.

It's sad to see a magazine I've subscribed to for (holy crap!) nearly thirty years at least considering throwing itself into a downward spiral.

Well, here's a link to the article, anyway...


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