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The Ice Cream Horeseman of the LolPaulCalypse

Oh, just watch it!

Government Conspiracy Alert!

funny pictures

Moar lolpauls

Ron Paul sez, "Gimme some, skin!"

Another lolpaul, for your amusement!

Moar lolpauls


A different kinda lolpaul

*Ron* Paul?  DO NOT WANT



(BTW, lolpauls are being shifted to here. FYI)


They has an origin.


Nutty Paultard Video of the Week

With this kinda advertizign, is it any wonder that Nazis love Ron Paul?

Obama SERIOUSLY BORED by national anthem.

Granted, the rendition of it kinda reminds me of the one by Bleeding Gums Murphy... still... yeesh. The guys is runnin' for Prez. Maybe he's just upset because he didn't get to stand in front of the flag?