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Is Obama the new JFK?

The Washington Monthly weighs in...

... the comparison falls short when voters consider the key question for 2008: foreign policy experience. It’s true that Obama, like Kennedy, is a youngish senator (at 46, three years older than Kennedy when he ran for president), but the parallel falters after that. The more one looks into Kennedy’s lifelong preparation for the job, the more one realizes how misleading it was, then and now, to describe him as inexperienced. Everyone who has stressed Kennedy’s youth, from Dan Quayle in 1988 to Obama today, has bumped up against the uncomfortable fact that JFK was an extremely well-informed statesman in 1960.



Clinton & Cruise... on the campaign trail



Spare Change?


MCain leading Giuliani in New York?

This could be huge; from what I understand supporters have arranged for New Your & New Jersey to be winner-take-all. If McCain takes either, Rudy is doomed.

Well, it's just one poll, but still....


More lolpauls

Elsewhere now. Here and here.


Are You from Texas?

... if so, Vote Chris Peden!

Cat chat

Google is “white bread for the mind” - University of Brighton prof

Interesting read.

Screen cature

For when the google cache finally disappears :

Yet Another Highly-placed Ron Paul racist

It looks like th Ron Paul folks have removed one "Randy Gray" from the Ron Paul Michigan website. Mr Gray was (is?) the "Midland Coordinator" for Ron Paul.

He is, also .... yet another racist. This time, a Kluxer. Only Ron Paul could come close to making it boring to find racists on staff for a Presidential campaign. This is getting pathetic.

Practical note : the link will probably vanish at some random point, since it is in google's cache. Look quicky, before it's gone!


Nutty Rant of the Day...

Gotta a love youtube. In the old days, you had to wait for the circus to come to town... now you can have freak shows on demand.


Nice Summary ....

... and rebuttal of the common argumenst used to "defend" Ron Paul.

Another lolcat break...

funny pictures
moar funny pictures

Jackie Mason '08 Vlog 2 : Stop Blaming America!


Ron Paul "Registered Agent" of Racist Publishers

"Ron Paul and Associates" lists him as "Registered Agent" of the organization that published all that crap under his name. Not a surprise, but some deny it... here is the link. Furthermore ...

Ron Paul: President
his daughter: treasurer
his wife: secretary
Lew Rockwell: Vice President

"Paulbot, Like Me"

I was pursuing one of my hobbies this weekend .. anthropological study of Paulbots in their natural environment (aka, myspace). It seems that they have two answers to the years and years of vile screeds published by "Ron Paul and Associates". The first is to circulate this picture :

(immortalized as a lolpaul). "Hey, look! Ron Paul had a photo-op with black people once! He can't be a racist! End of issue!"

The newest one is this : the "President of the NAACP says that Ron Paul is not a racist!" (Actually, they mean the president of the Austin NAACP, this guy. Here is an example. No explanation why his word is golden on this... how is he supposed to know what was going on back then? Has he ever even met Ron Paul?

What we have here is a bunch of Ron Paul followers violating Ron Paul's "principles" yet again. Back when the pictures of Ron Paul and infamous Neonazis were being circulated, were were told that Ron Paul can't be a racist because racism is a form of "collectivism" and all libertarians are against "collectivism".

Now we are told that the "President of the NAACP", as the legitimate representative of All Black People (read : "collective") has declared Ron Paul to not be a racist. Again, "End of issue!" declared.

"Collectives : Bad"

"Collectives : Good"

Winston Smith, call your office.


Already up to 10!

... if you google "died in a blogging accident"

Therefore, xkcd is making the 'net more dangerous!

Aw'fly Hard to get to tnr.com today ...

I wonder if the Ron Paul Brownshirts are doing a DOS attack...

... and now back to the Ron Paul Meltdown

(already in progress)

Reason Mag : "Old News"? "Rehashed for Over a Decade"?

Apparently, it took Ron Paul a very long time to start denying authorship of his newsletter.

Has Paul really disassociated himself from, and "taken moral responsibility" for, these "Ron Paul" newsletters "for over a decade"? If he has, that history has not been recorded by the Nexis database, as best as I can reckon.

The first indication I could find of Paul either expressing remorse about the statements or claiming that he did not author them came in an October 2001 Texas Monthly article -- less than eight years ago. Here is the relevant excerpt, which references a Ron Paul newsletter that referred to then-Rep. Barbara Jordan as "Barbara Morondon," and called her the "archetypical half-educated victimologist" whose "race and sex protect her from criticism":
What made the statements in the publication even more puzzling was that, in four terms as a U.S. congressman and one presidential race, Paul had never uttered anything remotely like this.

When I ask him why, he pauses for a moment, then says, "I could never say this in the campaign, but those words weren't really written by me. It wasn't my language at all. Other people help me with my newsletter as I travel around. I think the one on Barbara Jordan was the saddest thing, because Barbara and I served together and actually she was a delightful lady." Paul says that item ended up there because "we wanted to do something on affirmative action, and it ended up in the newsletter and became personalized. I never personalize anything."
His reasons for keeping this a secret are harder to understand: "They were never my words, but I had some moral responsibility for them ... I actually really wanted to try to explain that it doesn't come from me directly, but they [campaign aides] said that's too confusing. 'It appeared in your letter and your name was on that letter and therefore you have to live with it.'" It is a measure of his stubbornness, determination, and ultimately his contrarian nature that, until this surprising volte-face in our interview, he had never shared this secret. It seems, in retrospect, that it would have been far, far easier to have told the truth at the time.

So what exactly did Paul and his campaign say about these and more egregious statements during his contentious 1996 campaign for Congress, when Democrat Lefty Morris made the newsletters a constant issue? Besides complaining that the quotes were taken "out of context" and proof of his opponent's "race-baiting," Paul and his campaign defended and took full ownership of the comments. For a chronological Nexis tour of Paul's 1996 responses, please read on.

LolCat break!


Cajone Alert!

Ron Paul is actually going to try and use his racist newsletters to grub for more money!

Paul also pointed out that his grassroots supporters have planned a mass donation day scheduled on Martin Luther King Jr’s holiday to honor Dr. King and Dr Paul.


Gotta love explosm...

Cyanide and Happiness, a daily webcomic
Cyanide & Happiness @ Explosm.net

A Take on Ron Paul and Racism ...

From The Atlantic Monthly... an opinion that's fairly close to my own on this matter; Ron Paul is "probably" not a racist, but has no problem if those around him are racists.

Ron Paul's Response?

"I know nooothing!"

(Or at least he didn't ... for more than a decade of publishing various newsletters under his own name .... he never, ever read them. Fortunately, this man is in no danger of ever become President.

Wow! The New Republic reall struck home...

... it's caused fanatic Ron Paul supplicant "Lew Rockwell" to demand the heads of fascists at the New Republic. Well, alleged fascists. That worked there more than eighty years ago. And are all dead.

Yup. Lew baby is far loopier than normal today...


TNR will weigh in on Ron Paul and Racism today?

According to "Reason" Mag... apparently, Ron Paul called Martin Luther King a "gay pedophile"? Spoke at a "pro-secessionist conference"? Yikes!

Update: Here is the TNR article.

Update: Check out the comments! Ron Paul followers blame the Joooooooos. What a surprise.


Ron Paul Brownshirts on the March!

Another not-so smart mob.

Unmutual! Unmutual!

Crazy Uncle Ron must be silenced!


Iris Chacon Road Service?

Ron Paul's Time Machine Mega Money Mania


McCain in the lead?

Well, according to the folks at Pew.


LGF sheds more light on Ron Paul's digital brownshirts!

How to be a Paulbot!

Ron Paul : keep human cloning safe & legal


Ron Paul Exposed!

Links to some of the badness that surrounds Ron Paul.


Lolpauls; they has a flavor

vote stealing lolpaul
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About the Right Level of Reality for Ron Paul...

Apparently, Ron Paul types will have a "rally" in WOW.

Update : things not going so well in WoW, either?