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"Paulbot, Like Me"

I was pursuing one of my hobbies this weekend .. anthropological study of Paulbots in their natural environment (aka, myspace). It seems that they have two answers to the years and years of vile screeds published by "Ron Paul and Associates". The first is to circulate this picture :

(immortalized as a lolpaul). "Hey, look! Ron Paul had a photo-op with black people once! He can't be a racist! End of issue!"

The newest one is this : the "President of the NAACP says that Ron Paul is not a racist!" (Actually, they mean the president of the Austin NAACP, this guy. Here is an example. No explanation why his word is golden on this... how is he supposed to know what was going on back then? Has he ever even met Ron Paul?

What we have here is a bunch of Ron Paul followers violating Ron Paul's "principles" yet again. Back when the pictures of Ron Paul and infamous Neonazis were being circulated, were were told that Ron Paul can't be a racist because racism is a form of "collectivism" and all libertarians are against "collectivism".

Now we are told that the "President of the NAACP", as the legitimate representative of All Black People (read : "collective") has declared Ron Paul to not be a racist. Again, "End of issue!" declared.

"Collectives : Bad"

"Collectives : Good"

Winston Smith, call your office.


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