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This, on the other hand, rules!

OK - this is just NOT RIGHT

The "artist" needs to be smacked in the head.

Obama enables Fraud!

Finally someone in the mainstream press breaks this story. Team Obama has been enabling millions of dollars in contribution fraud!


More Pro-bama Violence

Obamabots mace elderly campaign workers in Virgina!


Obama vs. McCain Your Money

Vote for Obama : die poor.

Obama Bots on the March!

The Obama camp has a creepy new video out, on how to pressure others to vote Obama. A low point is about 2:20 into the video, where some little jerk is proud of telling his Grandma that he might not help her with her Tivo if she doesn't vote Obama.

I'm getting old

I can remember when the press' job was at least theoretically to report news, rather that cover it up. Current example : the LA Times. Dark days coming very soon, when a single party controls all branches of government and the press.


Cats - Menace or Threat?


... and then they came after the Catholics...

Obama brownshirts want the government squelch free speech from Catholic Bishops.


A blog for our times!


Kirk vs Sulu ...

Maybe they could star in the remake of Grumpy Old Men?



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Scary "Obama Youth" video of the day

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xkcd hit count ...

New keywords in xkcd comics tend to explode on search engines. Counts when I checked a couple minutes ago :