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Obama is good.
Obama is great.
We surrender our will,
as of this date.

Please spread far & wide.


How Obama Got Elected



Yet more "h8te" in the name of "love"

Some folks on the left dream of raising an army of gay fascists to crush a peaceful demonstration. Creepy.


Bush was worst President (except for all the others)

The punchline :

Everything is the best/worst/funniest/most tragic/most brilliant thing ever, if you're a high school girl, the hero of "Memento" or a political commentator. Things look different if you extend your memory more than five minutes into the past. Maybe the problem is the lack of a buzzword for the scandal. Here's one: "Superlativegate."

- click here for column.

Bush has been a mediocrity, as was Clinton before him.

Lavender brownshirts on the march

Yeah, good luck with that. This is what we're going to see: a Mormon woman and business owner who gave $100 to the pro-Prop 8 campaign having to stand in front of a group of gays like some poor cretin in the dock at a Stalinist show trial:

The tall, frail Christofferson stood in the center of the group. She appeared to be shaking during her prepared remarks which lasted about 3 minutes. Two young female family members flanked her to prevent her from fainting, according to a restaurant employee. At several points during her speech, Christofferson simply became too emotional to continue.

El Coyote has become the latest casualty in the local outburst against the passage of Proposition 8, an anti-marriage amendment to the California State Constitution. Dozens of e-mails and websites, including the popular online local guide, Yelp.com, have urged boycotting the legendary cafe in recent days.

Christofferson, who is a member of the Church of Jesus Christ of Latter Day Saints, insisted that her donation was personal, and reflected her religious faith.

"I've been a member of the Mormon Church all my life," she said. "This was a personal donation. In like fashion, any employee here would be free to donate, worship or support anything of their personal choosing. Over the Coyote has financially supported many charities and thousands of dollars most particularly have been given to the gay interests and charities. The restaurant does not support any political group."

In the only question taken by Ms. Christofferson after her remarks, and before those gathered, I asked her directly if she would personally make an equal donation to the campaigns to repeal Proposition 8.

"I cannot change a lifetime of faith," she said.

Moments later, the same group which had been invited for lunch and margaritas grew increasingly verbal, apparently reacting to the lack of a direct apology from Ms. Christofferson, and she left the building in tears. The group continued to meet for another 30 minutes, before dispersing for what appeared to be a looming boycott. One demonstrator was already shouting outside.

Understand what is happening here. This is a business owner who has served clientele, including gays, without incident for many years. She even gave money to gay charities. But she is a Mormon, and her religious commitment leads her to support traditional marriage. For that, she is treated like a criminal, and reduced to either renouncing her faith or possibly losing her business.

Rest of article is at beliefnet..

"If you love America, you throw money in it's hole!"

Some Hate is More Hatefull than Other Hate, It Seems

"No On Prop 8" types have taken to shouting "nigger", because of the strong support Prop 8 received in the Black Community. I guess attacking Catholics and Mormons wasn't enough. Sigh. Oh, and don't forget the new gay McCarthyite tactics. Charming.


'Gay fascists' storm church, attack members

Media silent, of course.


More Hate in the Name of "Love"

Modern Brownshirts attack old lady, stomp on a cross.



Sarah Palin saves Caribou

Turns out that Palin's policy of killing wolves to protect caribou... worked.


Simon Pegg on Proper Zombies

.... which he gets 100% correct!


Youtube Contest!

YouTube Contest Challenges Users To Make A 'Good' Video


Update : Manditory Community Service Magically Vanishes!

See screen captures and such. How nice to have a "constitutional scholar" as Prez. Feh!


Manditory Community Service : Not Just for Convicts Anymore!

Students, too! Will they get to wear those cool orange jump suits?

Election Memories - Grade School Teacher Browbeating Student


Obama Win Causes Obsessive Supporters To Realize How Empty Their Lives Are

Obama Win Causes Obsessive Supporters To Realize How Empty Their Lives Are

America Can Take Pride In This Historic, Inspirational Disaster

Although I have not always been the most outspoken advocate of President-Elect Barack Obama, today I would like to congratulate him and add my voice to the millions of fellow citizens who are celebrating his historic and frightening election victory. I don't care whether you are a conservative or a liberal -- when you saw this inspiring young African-American rise to our nation's highest office I hope you felt the same sense of patriotic pride that I experienced, no matter how hard you were hyperventilating with deep existential dread.

Yes, I know there are probably other African-Americans much better qualified and prepared for the presidency. Much, much better qualified. Hundreds, easily, if not thousands, and without any troubling ties to radical lunatics and Chicago mobsters. Gary Coleman comes to mind. But let's not let that distract us from the fact that Mr. Obama's election represents a profound, positive milestone in our country's struggle to overcome its long legacy of racial divisions and bigotry. It reminds us of how far we've come, and it's something everyone in our nation should celebrate in whatever little time we now have left.

... a bit of awesomeness from IowaHawk

Red State Update meets... Great White North!


Obama Brownshirts on the March!

Black Panthers block entrance to polls (video) ... minority party (ie, GOP) Election Board members were illegally kicked out of polling places in Philly!


Idiot Watch

Apparently, this woman thinks that Obama will pay for her mortgage and buy gas for her car.

No wonder she doesn't think that he child needs an education.

Dead Like Me.... the Movie!

COming next year, as a direct to DVD release!


35% of Obama voters are taking the day off tomorrow, as commanded by The One.

ACORN : Stealing Ohio for Obama?

MonCrief also told me that some ACORN affiliates had a conscious strategy of flooding voter registration offices with suspect last-minute forms in part to create confusion and chaos that would make it more likely suspect voters would be allowed to cast ballots by overworked officials. Nate Toller, who worked on ACORN registration drives and headed an ACORN campaign against Wal-Mart in California until 2006, agrees. "There's no quality control on purpose, no checks and balances," he told me.

Ohio Secretary of State Jennifer Brunner admits that some 200,000 newly registered Ohio voters have been flagged by her office because their names, addresses, driver's license numbers, and/or Social Security numbers don't match other state or federal records.

Read the whole thing.


Soviet Dogs for Barack

Canine Stalinists for Change!

Thought this was kinda amusing...


Obama fish