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Lavender brownshirts on the march

Yeah, good luck with that. This is what we're going to see: a Mormon woman and business owner who gave $100 to the pro-Prop 8 campaign having to stand in front of a group of gays like some poor cretin in the dock at a Stalinist show trial:

The tall, frail Christofferson stood in the center of the group. She appeared to be shaking during her prepared remarks which lasted about 3 minutes. Two young female family members flanked her to prevent her from fainting, according to a restaurant employee. At several points during her speech, Christofferson simply became too emotional to continue.

El Coyote has become the latest casualty in the local outburst against the passage of Proposition 8, an anti-marriage amendment to the California State Constitution. Dozens of e-mails and websites, including the popular online local guide, Yelp.com, have urged boycotting the legendary cafe in recent days.

Christofferson, who is a member of the Church of Jesus Christ of Latter Day Saints, insisted that her donation was personal, and reflected her religious faith.

"I've been a member of the Mormon Church all my life," she said. "This was a personal donation. In like fashion, any employee here would be free to donate, worship or support anything of their personal choosing. Over the Coyote has financially supported many charities and thousands of dollars most particularly have been given to the gay interests and charities. The restaurant does not support any political group."

In the only question taken by Ms. Christofferson after her remarks, and before those gathered, I asked her directly if she would personally make an equal donation to the campaigns to repeal Proposition 8.

"I cannot change a lifetime of faith," she said.

Moments later, the same group which had been invited for lunch and margaritas grew increasingly verbal, apparently reacting to the lack of a direct apology from Ms. Christofferson, and she left the building in tears. The group continued to meet for another 30 minutes, before dispersing for what appeared to be a looming boycott. One demonstrator was already shouting outside.

Understand what is happening here. This is a business owner who has served clientele, including gays, without incident for many years. She even gave money to gay charities. But she is a Mormon, and her religious commitment leads her to support traditional marriage. For that, she is treated like a criminal, and reduced to either renouncing her faith or possibly losing her business.

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