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Day 2 : Much Ado about Donuts

I just can't get enough of the crazy spin that "Sarah Triano" or "Rebecca Wegley " (actual user that posts on the faebook group) places on his/her experience :
The owners must have learned that their violent approach yesterday was not effective cause they toned it down a bit and tried a divide and conquer strategy instead:
. The owners tried to pick us off one by one. The first thing they did was pull NAMI Santa Clara County's ED, Brian, aside for a "private meeting." When he made it clear he wasn't going to be co-opted, they told him this was like a boxing match and "things can get ugly in a boxing match." "People can get hurt," they said. They said the picket was helping their business, so Brian brilliantly asked them why they needed to harass and intimidate us then? If we're good for your business, he asked them, then why don't you just leave us alone and let us do our thing?
. They had a magician on site and an accordion player outside the store to try and drown us out (wonder how much they had to pay for both of those);
. They had two counter-protesters standing outside the shop, who were joined by the owners for most of the picket. The owners were dressed in their white lab coats and stethoscopes and continued their intimidation tactics by insulting us as we marched by. One asked me where my nice twin was since the evil one showed up today. Another owner yelled at one of our folks who uses a cane "hey crippled boy, how's that stick working out for you?" They asked us all kinds of questions, like "So, what's the schedule for the pickets? We'd like to inform our magician." They kept asking, "Where's Rebecca?" They tried to get our picketers to stop and talk to them so they could have us arrested for not moving and blocking the sidewalk.
. The owners also continued their intimidation tactics by having a guy in dark sun glasses park right in front of the shop in a big black suburban wearing a "Psycho Donuts" security badge. He watched us the entire time.
. One of our folks overheard an owner doing a media interview in which he lied and said, "I've asked to meet with John Mitchem of NAMI Santa Clara County, and he said he would get back to me." That's a lie. What happened was last week the owner approached both John and I (separately) to do a debate on the radio with him and we politely refused and repeat our request for a meeting with the coalition.
. One of the shop's supporters backed right into the police lieutenant's car and damaged it.

Talking to the leaders of the protest is "divide and conquer"? I'm not a big fan of accordian music, but I don't think that it's eeeeeeeeeeeeevil. BTW, I've never seen a street magician who could "drown out" anyone.

I am shocked, shocked that a rent-a-cop was wearing .... dark glasses... scary scary scary.... on the hottest, sunniest weekend of the year. Obviously, the man is a fascist.

Read the rest of it... it's comedy gold!

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