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The Circus is coming to town!!

Apparently the Assorted Nuts will be protesting Psycho Donuts this Sunday. Should be some entertainment for a warm, sunny day. I’ll have to remember to bring a cold drink that goes with donuts.

Psycho Donuts really should start selling iced coffee… just sayin.

Update: Psycho posting on craigslist. (To be transcribed at a later date.)

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Some posts about Psycho Donuts (and Psychos in general)

There are some new posts over at my other blog regarding all of the Psycho Donuts "fun". They are ...

Some impressions from watching the Psycho Donuts debate on local, early morning TV.

A Oscar Wright, a psych CEO and former state bureaucrat decries the lack of (over) medication of kids.

Helping someone tell the difference between a President and a Pastry.

About a President that allegedly declared himself to be a Pastry.

Someone's (quasi) modest proposal for yummy Cancer Ice Cream.

... and don't forget the Superbowl of Hyperbole!


Awful Library Books!

Now here is a cool blog; it dredges up bad choices from the local library.

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Gnome Death!

I found a nice collection of badly injured garden gnomes at "List of the Day". Take that, Travelocity!


Low-Level Kerry and Boxer Aides "rebut" Palin!

So the Washington Post has published an OpEd piece, signed by John Kerry and Senator Ma'am. It is meant to be a refutation of Sarah Palin's OpEd on "Cap-and-Tax".

It starts out with the assertion that they hope "for a substantive dialogue" and that they "want to put facts ahead of fiction and real debate ahead of rhetorical bomb-throwing." The problem, though, is that they piece is pretty much void of substantive anything, and is just bomb-throwing.

Heck, in the paragraph that immediately follows, they pretend that Palin opposes "clean energy legislation" as if that was identical to the "cap-and-trade" bill. Do they even understand their own bill?

Other than making a couple of undefended assertions, that the bill (somehow) will Save Us All and that the bill will (somehow) create Millions of Jobs(!), there is nothing that comes close to addressing the bill or why it should be supported. The rest of the article can be summarized as this : "If you are against our bill, you are just like people who opposed clean water". That's it read it yourself and count the number of times this trope repeats, with "acid rain", "superfund", etc.

If they wanted to take a stab at substance they could have given some examples of the assertion that "Each time, our environmental laws have cleaned the water we drink, the air we breathe and the communities we live in at far lower cost than initially expected". It isn't relevant to cap-and-trade, but it would be interesting if true.

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Poll - product names

From a (five star!) review of Psycho Donuts :

I don't want my money to encourage these inconsiderate and insensitive people to exist in our business community. What next crispy cripples? Swine flue punch? Herpie Pie? Obese fudge? Crack cocaine frosting? Alcoholic's hangover soda, Making fun of people is not cool and neither is smoking cigarettes. These people want to make money....

Which made me wonder... how do these stack up?

So let's find out! Please be honest; if you had to pick one, which would it be? Assume that it's a legitimate, tasty food, just with a non-standard name.


Update on ownership of psychodonuts.com

Have a look at hydarblog v2.0. It's not very exciting.


Cup of Brown Joy

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An Additional Blog ...

I started a blog over at wordpress to facilitate the linking of my responses to my cyberstalker's random craziness.

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Local Roller Derby!

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A quick LOLCat break..

funny pictures of cats with captions

Clown Court

Wow... even clowns are scared of clowns....

Zombie Crawl in Downtown San Jose!

August 26th!!!

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Crazy Uncle Ron is... back?

Sigh. Wackiness will no doubt ensue...

And another thing...

Our friend Dan Weaver's many Nazi posts seem to be a good example of a lack of self-awareness I see in the anti-doughnut jihadis. They like to blather about opposing promotion of supposed "stigma", but they have no problem casting actual stigmas on those who dare to disagree with their accusations. They call people Nazis.

Or maybe equating people with Nazi killers isn't a stigma by their definition?

These folks would impress Orwell.



More from the New York Cyberstalker!

Poor guy thinks this is about traffic, so he doesn't want to be honest and link my posts. Oh well.

My friends from the good ol' STM War Room will appreciate the lack of proportion indicated by the following quote :

I especially want to thank the very devout Catholic blogger from Campbell, California who claims to be pro-life but espouses the same attitudes toward the mentally ill that the Nazis did.

Now lets see... how many countless people were murdered by the Nazis because they considered the disabled to be "useless eaters" and "life unworthy of life"? You'd think that there'd be a pretty high bar for declaring equivalence, wouldn't you? Well, our friend Daniel Weaver is willing to declare donuts to be the same as a highly organized murder campaign. What are the mental processes by which that conclusion is reached?

This guy is the poster child for Godwin's Law!

Well... as he's stalking his way around teh intertubes, he could pause and do some reading, and consider how Nazi "attitudes" might somehow be worse than donuts covered in Fruit Loops and Cocoa Puffs.

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NAMI Music Video!

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NAMI Santa Clara County creates website to harass local business

It seems that the National Alliance on Mental Illness has created a website in an effort to crush Psycho Donuts. (There's no mention of ownership on the website, but if you click on the "Contribute" link, it takes you to a PayPal form for "NAMI Santa Clara County". Oops.)

BTW, their shirt slogan is "PDISNOTPC". Does anyone think that being PC is good? Even the hardest core leftie type will bristle at being called "PC" these days. Here's what wikipedia says, for example :

Political correctness (noun) and politically correct (adjective) (PC) are the terms applied to language, ideas, policies, and behaviour meant to enforce ideologic (sic) conformity to an orthodox authority. The usages are principally pejorative — ridiculing the “unquestionable authority” of the orthodoxy and the authority figure. The adjectival term politically incorrect denotes language and ideas, unconstrained by orthodoxy, that might offend the orthodox PC folk. The usage controversy lies in the implicitly negative connotation of political correctness, while politically incorrect implicitly connotes a positive self-description

I think that the nice Cisco folks over at "Psycho Watch" have it right. Ane working for a company that funds them should ask their HR folks if the money could be rerouted to one of the many other organizations that doesn't get involved in suppression of freedom.

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Ross Abinanti found!

.... by a bunch of Little Leaguers!

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Local Bookstore Cat gets Props!

Publishers Weekly has declared that the local bookstore cat, Isbn has the coolest name evah. He's now amoung the illustrious ranks of famous store cats like Fup.

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Senator Ma'am Strikes Again

Apparently, in Boxer's mind, one Black group cancels out another Black group. If she can name two Black groups, that trumps anything that the Black Chamber of Commerce would say, since they lose 2-to-1.

When is this dingbat up for reelection?

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ANOTHER Donut Shop to try "someday"...

Donna's Donuts in Tewksbury, Massachusetts (wherever that is). They have a cheeseburger donut! That, plus some donut fries from Psycho donuts... Hooooooooooo dawgies!



Poll on SF Examiner Site - 16% say Psycho Donut protester are nuts

"Psycho Donuts having crazy good time despite protesters"

I wonder if a certain obsessed New Yorker will try to spam the poll...


How much time did Sentor Ma'am spend in Evil Senator School?

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Barry and Nicolas - Two WILD AND CRAZY GUYS!

Apparently, the G8 is just a Shriner's Convention for heads of state.

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Psycho Donuts' Cyberstalker has been found!

Apparently, attacking Cisco is a good way to to get yourself exposed.

Dan Weaver
The Book Hound
768 Queen Anne Rd.
Amsterdam, NY 12010

518 842-7504

He has purchased
which redirects to his blog:

All was fine and well until he started playing with a company that is near and dear to our hearts (and paychecks)

Update : the looney in question is now issuing impotent threats to sic the cops on the guy that uncovered his identity.

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Psycho kitty, qu'est-ce que c'est?

(Click for article)


Looneys still obsessing over my neighborhood's donut shop!

I'm kinda wondering if the guy who owns the self-refuting mental illness is not a joke blog is off his meds. He started directing his readers to "yelp", to dive the numbers down... then "reports" lower ratings at though they were meaningful.

Now he/she/it is declaring that a donut shop in Michigan(!) "push Psycho Donuts of Campbell, California off the news radar" ... as if it was getting news coverage these days. The place sounds cool, actually... but it's not clear what sort of mental processes would lead the theme of "Cops and Doughnuts" (which sounds like it's a general bake shop that's owned by actual cops) to be associated with "Psycho Donuts" which has only wacky donuts.


This Donut Jihad is like a car wreck ... so hard to look away...

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