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Looneys still obsessing over my neighborhood's donut shop!

I'm kinda wondering if the guy who owns the self-refuting mental illness is not a joke blog is off his meds. He started directing his readers to "yelp", to dive the numbers down... then "reports" lower ratings at though they were meaningful.

Now he/she/it is declaring that a donut shop in Michigan(!) "push Psycho Donuts of Campbell, California off the news radar" ... as if it was getting news coverage these days. The place sounds cool, actually... but it's not clear what sort of mental processes would lead the theme of "Cops and Doughnuts" (which sounds like it's a general bake shop that's owned by actual cops) to be associated with "Psycho Donuts" which has only wacky donuts.


This Donut Jihad is like a car wreck ... so hard to look away...

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