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NAMI Santa Clara County creates website to harass local business

It seems that the National Alliance on Mental Illness has created a website in an effort to crush Psycho Donuts. (There's no mention of ownership on the website, but if you click on the "Contribute" link, it takes you to a PayPal form for "NAMI Santa Clara County". Oops.)

BTW, their shirt slogan is "PDISNOTPC". Does anyone think that being PC is good? Even the hardest core leftie type will bristle at being called "PC" these days. Here's what wikipedia says, for example :

Political correctness (noun) and politically correct (adjective) (PC) are the terms applied to language, ideas, policies, and behaviour meant to enforce ideologic (sic) conformity to an orthodox authority. The usages are principally pejorative — ridiculing the “unquestionable authority” of the orthodoxy and the authority figure. The adjectival term politically incorrect denotes language and ideas, unconstrained by orthodoxy, that might offend the orthodox PC folk. The usage controversy lies in the implicitly negative connotation of political correctness, while politically incorrect implicitly connotes a positive self-description

I think that the nice Cisco folks over at "Psycho Watch" have it right. Ane working for a company that funds them should ask their HR folks if the money could be rerouted to one of the many other organizations that doesn't get involved in suppression of freedom.

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