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Adding to my "To Try" List

First, there seems to be a new line of habanero chips on the Japanese market, from Tohato. Click the link for some flash animation with disturbing music. At times it's a bit like Klingon opera. Sigh. Again with the Klingons? Anyhoo... here's what they look like :

My pledge to you, O reader of pointless blogs, is that I will be scouring the local Asian supermarkets for these things. Heck, the bags look very halloweenish. Maybe I should carve habanero peppers this year, if I can find little candles. That would a trick. Or is it treat? Hurm.

Next, there is a candidate for adding... while looking up the Tohato products, I found mention of a little thing called "Haggis crisps". Can these really be chips taht are haggis flavored? Or, dare I speculate... made from haggis?


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