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Funniest Political Video in a While....

... unfortunately, some crybabies have set it up as restricted, so you might need to ste up an account on YouTube in order to view it. (Such restrictions are generally only for extreme violence or extreme sexual content, not for "objectionable" political views.) Anyhoo, makes some serious fun of Madeline Albright for having made the Clinton administratioons deal with Kim Jong Il. The video was made by David Zucker (maker of the Naked Gun series)... he wanted Republicans to use it as a commercial this election. No takers, apparently.

Too bad, really.

Here's a direct copy, in case YouTube plays nice and unrestricts it :


Anonymous Anonymous said...

Laughed my ass off. Now I'm unable to sit on standard chairs without an elaborate set of pulleys.

10/12/2006 7:30 PM  

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