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Low-Level Kerry and Boxer Aides "rebut" Palin!

So the Washington Post has published an OpEd piece, signed by John Kerry and Senator Ma'am. It is meant to be a refutation of Sarah Palin's OpEd on "Cap-and-Tax".

It starts out with the assertion that they hope "for a substantive dialogue" and that they "want to put facts ahead of fiction and real debate ahead of rhetorical bomb-throwing." The problem, though, is that they piece is pretty much void of substantive anything, and is just bomb-throwing.

Heck, in the paragraph that immediately follows, they pretend that Palin opposes "clean energy legislation" as if that was identical to the "cap-and-trade" bill. Do they even understand their own bill?

Other than making a couple of undefended assertions, that the bill (somehow) will Save Us All and that the bill will (somehow) create Millions of Jobs(!), there is nothing that comes close to addressing the bill or why it should be supported. The rest of the article can be summarized as this : "If you are against our bill, you are just like people who opposed clean water". That's it read it yourself and count the number of times this trope repeats, with "acid rain", "superfund", etc.

If they wanted to take a stab at substance they could have given some examples of the assertion that "Each time, our environmental laws have cleaned the water we drink, the air we breathe and the communities we live in at far lower cost than initially expected". It isn't relevant to cap-and-trade, but it would be interesting if true.

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